Meet The Tiny Beetle That's Killing Off Grizzly Bears

It's hard to think of too many animals that could take out a grizzly bear.

At nearly 1,000 pounds and standing up to eight feet tall on its hind legs, the razor-toothed beast seems immune to all but the fiercest of contenders — and yet, one of the biggest threats to grizzlies is a tiny animal, hardly bigger than your fingernail.

Meet the mountain pine beetle.


B.C. wildfire risk to soar with climate change says report

B.C. communities risk going up in flames under the threat of what the forests ministry calls "mega fires," saying they will be so large current firefighting techniques won't be able to cope.

The draft report from the Wildfire Management Branch says these mega fires are predicted to increase as climate change progresses, and warns a great deal of work is needed to head off future disasters.

It says climate change will mean "an ever growing wildfire risk and threat to communities, critical infrastructure and natural values in British Columbia."