These beetles are far from boring

Beetles, like other creatures in nature, are a very important part of the ecosystem. The picture you see is that of a beetle in the Canadian Rockies. The Canadian Rockies shelter some of the world’s largest and best national parks which offer some of the most spectacular scenery. The two world-famous parks are Banff and Jasper.

The coniferous trees with the snow-capped mountains as backdrop leave visitors gasping for breath. The lakes in the park are beautiful in themselves with their crystal clear turquoise coloured water. More importantly, one can see the reflection of the trees and mountains in them which gives a picture postcard view.

The Boring Beetles are a species called Mountain Pine Beetle. They play an important role in the survival of the beautiful forest since they kill mature or old lodgepole pine trees by “boring” or drilling into them. This is a blessing since it enables new species of plants and animals to thrive.