Mountain pine beetle to sweep across Canada

By moving into jack pines, Mountain Pine beetle has also moved from being a western problem to being a national problem, says Murray Summers.

Interviewed on Thursday, April 7, the Forest industry MPB co-ordinator for companies in this region including Alberta Newsprint company and Millar Western Forest Products, commented on the announcement that researchers have accumulated conclusive evidence that MPB, which had lodgepole pine as its usual host, is now invading jack pines.

A Genome Alberta news release on Monday, April 4, stated that a group of researchers funded in part by Genome Alberta, have learned the beetle now is poised to move east across the boreal forest. "It has long been suspected that the beetle was invading hybrid tree species, but using newly developed DNA genotyping and location data, the University of Alberta team found pure jack pine are now being attacked by the beetle and the blue-stain fungi the beetles inject into the trees," the release stated.