Traveller safety improved

The extension of a passing lane and intersection improvements near Fraser Lake will improve traffic flow and increase safety for the travelling public, thanks to the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund for the Highway 16 - Holy Cross Passing Lane project.

“The extension of the Holy Cross east bound passing lane on Highway 16 will allow passenger vehicles to safely pass slower-moving industrial and recreational traffic in the climbing lane,” said Nechako Lakes MLA John Rustad. “This project will reduce traveller frustration, eliminate unsafe passing and will also be better for the environment.”

With the harvest of the mountain pine beetle-impacted pine, there are a high number of industrial trucks accessing the highway east of Fraser Lake, either off the Holy Cross Forest Service Road or entering the highway from the local mills. The Fraser Lake area also enjoys a relatively high number of tourists during the summer months. By improving traffic flow and reducing delays on the highway, safety is improved and reduce vehicle emissions will be reduced.