More than $330,000 from the Community Development Trust’s Job Opportunities Program is improving walking and cycling trails in Grand Forks and contributing to the management of beetle-affected stands in the area, Community Development Minister Blair Lekstrom and Forests and Range Minister Pat Bell announced today.

“The Community Development Trust is one of our key tools to assist forest families and communities through this difficult economic time,” said Lekstrom. “This project will benefit the community of Grand Forks, assist up to 23 forest workers and their families and educate future generations about wildlife.”

The construction of the two-kilometre trail along the Granby River will use the skills of up to 20 forest workers. The three-metre wide, wheelchair-accessible pathway will offer residents self-guided tours that focus on the riparian habitats, soil values, wildflowers, and wildlife they are likely to encounter or observe. The $250,000 project will also allow the city to benefit from tree species identification, natural habitat preservation, sustainable construction and green space management skills.