Climate change is our problem to solve

Most generations face challenges that ask them to stretch beyond their time and to think of those who follow. Daily we think of what's best for our families and act on behalf of our children and grandchildren. I can't think of anyone who would say: "Who cares about the kids!" But that is exactly what Carole James and the New Democrats are doing when they talk about climate change but oppose even the smallest steps to deal with it.

The NDP is taking the same approach it took in the 1990s when it said "let's wait for the cold winter to take care of the mountain pine beetle." The result of the NDP's "wait and see" approach is a loss of 80 per cent of our pine forest and huge economic, social and environmental costs.

Climate change calls on all of us to rise above "business and politics as usual." We are already dealing with increased threats of flooding, droughts, wildfires, and forest epidemics like the pine beetle. It's time to face the facts, take responsibility for our own actions and do what's right.